Why Keywords? in SEO

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your own business or work on agency’s clients; you have just one goal – to reach new customers online.

And you need keywords for that.

Finding new and relevant keywords means:

  • More organic traffic. Your potential customers use keywords to find what you sell. By knowing what phrases they use, you can optimise your site to show in their search results.
  • Better market understanding. Customers use different keywords depending on:
    • Their buying intent.
    • Their knowledge of a product or a service.
    • Their level of interest.

Understanding what phrases they might use will help you determine:

  • What they think about what you sell,
  • Why they might want to buy and,
  • What problems you’re solving for them.

You can create a more customer focused website:

  • Deliver content that meets their expectations.
  • Use phrases your audience use.
  • Organise the site to make it easier to find related information.

In short, keywords are crucial not only to attract new traffic but also to understand and deliver to your potential customers’ expectations.

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