Top 8 reasons for why you should do internship

Finding work can be a real challenge, especially if you don’t have any experience. Yet to get experience you must first find a job. It’s a nasty catch that can be difficult to get around but an internship is a good way to do it.  Continue reading


Entrepreneurship Should Be Compulsory In Schools

It is not a surprise where global economy is going. With high unemployment and traditional businesses preparing to improve worker efficiency and achieve more with less; soon, world unemployment stats will start to show some fears(if not showing already). In such an economy, we need more entrepreneurs, more self-motivated people who believe in providing for other people’s need.

All of us today have taken education to prepare ourselves for our current jobs. (Though there are always questions about the relevance and quality). Imagine if education framework is used for preparing next generation of entrepreneurs. So, why should education system give way for entrepreneurship in its curriculum? If you are already living a life of an entrepreneur, it is not a difficult sell. In fact you must know more points than I do, but if not, let me give these 5 reasons (out of the many) that come to my mind. Continue reading

The 12 American Universities That Produce the Most CEOs

  • Malik Ahmad Jalal, of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, below right, celebrates with other Harvard University School of Government graduates during Harvard's 360th commencement exercises, on the school's campus, in Cambridge, Mass., Thursday, May 26, 2011.Associated Press/Steven Senne – Malik Ahmad Jalal, of Rawalpindi, Pakistan, below right, celebrates with other Harvard University School of Government graduates during Harvard’s 360th commencement exercises, …more 

If you want to be the Chief Executive Officer of a major company, where you went to school matters, according to a new list from Times Higher Education.  Continue reading

Bridges from School to College to Career (and How Best to Cross Them)

In life there are those key make-or-break moments that, if bridged correctly, take us to the next important phase in life. The transition from primary school to secondary school is one such moment. And from secondary school to higher learning is another. Then there’s arguably the most important one of all, the bridge from post-secondary to career.

At any point along this journey, if any one of these bridges is not crossed properly (or at all), the ramifications for the remainder of a person’s life are staggering given the realities of life in the 21st Century.

And yet very little is done to prepare or assist the vast majority of Americans who make these transitions. A student is given a certificate or a diploma, the appropriate paperwork is filled out, and she is off to the next phase of her life. Continue reading