No Clue how will Cheat You [Customer Feedback]

This is my personal experience with ShopClues and would like to share this here.

The story goes like this;

  • I ordered for the following product on NOV 3rd which was mentioned as Rs.599 for Roti Maker N1124 + Atta Maker + Casserole
  • And the Shipping charge is Rs.699, ShopeClues is trying to show this as a superb discount but getting the money almost similar to the same price of product (First cheating) – Reference Below

  • I received the order on 11th Nov with a clearly mentioned Buyer’s protection Policy over mail. Almost all they mentioned in their policy page were applicable in my case (on or two is fine, but how come all – Disgusting isn’t it)

  •   As I was not in town and had to wait for 5 days to see the product, noticed last day that the parcel I received was not having 2 out of three products mentioned in the order. 
  • Not just that , the only one item I received was broken too


  • The moment I saw this, I raised a complaint mentioning the issues with attached phone (above) on Nov 15 in the mid day
  • By evening , withing max 3 hours I got another mail saying RESOLVED. But no clue who resolved, what was the resolution etc. I called to their numbers and asked me to hang my phone to connect to the support guys,. I waited for more than 10 minutes doing nothing but listening to their promos.

  • I raised raised the complaint again, no idea further steps taken. No action mails received. No further option provided in the website to care their customer.



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