Have an idea ? Links you should know then

Most of the startups with wonderful ideas miss their opportunities due to lack of knowledge about available resources out of box. Here comes few links and notes.

Startup Tools

Getting Started

Lists of Tools from Others


Find a Co-Founder

Business Model Canvas/Customer Development Tools

Business Models

Customer Development

Founder Stories

Website Domain Names

Create Websites Automagically

“How Big is the Market?” Tools

“How Do I Contact Customers?” Tools


Product Launch Tools/Landing Pages

  • LaunchRock – Create a viral “coming soon” landing page
  • LaunchSoon – create a coming soon landing page
  • Prefinery– Beta and Launch Mgmt software
  • LaunchEffect – WordPress Landing pages for viral launches
  • Ooomf – iPhone app store build/push/launch
  • Unbounce – create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages
  • Instapage – create a free landing page
  • KickoffLabs -product landing pages
  • LaunchGator – create a viral landing page
  • Atmio – mobile landing pages
  • Lander – create a landing page in minutes
  • Ion – create landing pages that convert

Product Demo Videos

Screencasting Software

On-Line Advertising Platforms (SEO)

Traditional Media

Search Engine Optimization and Tools

SEO and Analytics Tutorials

Web/Social Customer Analytics Tools

  • Google Analytics – web analytics and optimizer from the borg
  • Kissmetrics– actionable analytics
  • GetClicky – real-time web analytics
  • Swix – analytics for social media and online
  • Leadlander – marketing automation analytics
  • Seomoz – SEO and social monitoring
  • Segment.io – analytics API
  • Wordtracker – find the best keywords and links
  • Serpico – monitor your competition, backlinks & rankings
  • Chart.io – easy analytics for business data
  • Mixpanel– real-time event tracking
  • DigMyData – analytics dashboard for sales, email, social and ad marketing
  • Crazyegg– visualize analytics
  • Mint – site analytics
  • Visistat – web analytics measure marketing campaigns
  • Webtrends – analytics and segments
  • Chartbeat – website analytics for doers
  • Kontagent – user analytics for the social and mobile web
  • Forsee – web, mobile, social, contact center analytics
  • Woopra – real time customer and visitor analytics
  • Comscore – ad agency/enterprise analytics
  • StatsMix – track and display internal & web metrics
  • Keylines – amazing email visualization tool (Palantir for the rest of us)
  • Ducksboard – very cool way to measure any online metrics
  • Cyfe – monitor social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support
  • Mention – media and social monitoring
  • Geckoboard – widget-driven business dashboard
  • Grappster – dashboard for your cloud apps
  • Leftronic – dashboard for real-time analytics
  • PirateMetrics – track acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue
  • Recon.io – Twitter brand monitoring
  • WhosTalkin – Social Media Search tool
  • Diffbot – identify and extract from any web page (stealth search engine!)

SEO for Mobile Apps

Mobile App Store Customer Analytics / Ad Platform

  • Google Analytics – for Mobile
  • AppAnnie – Apple/Google/Amazon app store analytics
  • Appfigures – mobile analytics and sales data
  • Mopapp – mobile analytics, sales data, rankings
  • Distimo – Apple/Google/Amazon app store analytics
  • Xylogics – search engine for Apple/Google/Amazon app store
  • Apptrace – app store intelligence
  • AskingPoint – mobile analytics with polling
  • Flurry – mobile app analytics and traffic acquisition
  • TestFlight – IOS analytics in beta testing on the fly
  • Apsalar – mobile apps analytics & ads
  • Count.ly – multiplatform mobile analytics
  • KeenIO – analytics as an API
  • Capptain – mobile analytics + push
  • TapStream – Marketing analytics for apps

Mobile App Location / Ad Platform / Misc

  • Placed – location based analytics for mobile apps & websites
  • G6Pay – pay-per-install platform
  • Burstly – mobile app monetization tools
  • Yozio – campaign tracking & viral optimization for mobile apps
  • Tapjoy – mobile app turnkey ad platform
  • Appbackr – market, sell and distribute your apps
  • Chartboost – make money with mobile games
  • Playtomic – game analytics for all platforms
  • Google AdMob – monitize and promote your mobile games
  • Vungle – integrate video ads into your apps

Online Marketing Suites

  • Relead – turn website visitors into sales pipeline leads
  • HubSpot – online marketing and web analytics system
  • Eloqua – marketing automation
  • Pardot – marketing automation for multi-touch sales
  • Silverpop – end to end marketing automation
  • HipCricket – mobile marketing platform
  • Performable – personable web analytics/lifecycle marketing
  • Custora – customer retention, churn reduction, lifetime value
  • Zoho – free/cheap web customer relationship mgmt software
  • Highrise – small business CRM
  • Pipedrive – sales pipeline management
  • Zferral – affiliate and referral marketing on the web
  • Genoo – marketing automation software
  • MarketBright – marketing automation suite
  • HootSuite – social media dashboard
  • Intercom – CRM and web messaging tool for web apps
  • Salestrakr – low cost CRM
  • InviteBox – referral program platform
  • Crowdtap – Influencer Marketing platform

Email Marketing/Blasting

Transactional Email

  • Postmark – email blast and mgmt software for web apps
  • Mailgun – mail server API’s for developers
  • Postcron – schedule posts on Twitter or Facebook
  • Mailjet – bulk and marketing email
  • SmtpProvider – bulk email
  • JangoMail – marketing and transactional email
  • Silverpop – transactional email
  • SendGrid – email blast software
  • PostageApp – API for transactional emails

Email Testing

  • Litmus – email previews and email analytics


  • Bunchball – gamification for user engagement and loyalty
  • Hoopla – motivate employees, increase sales productivity
  • Badgeville – gamification platform
  • Gigya – social plugins, gamification

Loyalty Programs

  • RewardStream – loyalty, customer referral
  • 500Friends – customer loyalty program for ecommerce
  • NextBee – customer referral and loyalty programs
  • BigDoor – gamified loyalty and reward programs
  • UrbanAirship – push marketing for mobile


  • Dropbox – free store, sync, and, share files online.
  • Box – online file sharing
  • Google Apps – free Email, Chat, Docs
  • LibreOffice – free wordprocessor, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation, pdf maker and database office suite
  • Skype– free voice and video communication tool
  • Fuzebox – web/mobile online conferencing
  • UberConference – online conference with visual icons
  • Typewithme – document collaboration tool
  • Google Hangouts – Googles uber Skyoe
  • Evernote – remember everything
  • Campfire – team collaboration
  • Wikispaces – wikis for everyone
  • Slideshare – share Powerpoints and docs with customers
  • Join.me – free screen sharing
  • Ning – Create your own social network
  • Yammer – free enterprise social network
  • Doodle – online group scheduling
  • Freeconferencecall.com – Free conference calls – awesome!
  • Speek – easy to setup conference calls, file sharing
  • Syncpad – collaborative whiteboard
  • Piktochart – make infographics

On-line Q&A Communities

Blogging Platforms

  • WordPress– king of blogging platforms…doubles as startup website
  • Tumblr – another blogging platform
  • Posterous – yet another blogging platform
  • Disqus – Comments Platform
  • Livefrye – alternate to Disqus

Wireframing Tools

Web Drawing Libraries

  • Paperjs – vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas
  • Raphael – vector graphics JavaScript library – best for older browsers
  • Processingjs – vector graphics scripting framework runs on HTML5 Canvas

Website Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Mouse Tracking

  • Usertesting – $39 live users testing your site – cheap
  • Userfy – live user testing of your site
  • YouEye – usability testing with webcam eye tracking
  • LuckyOrange – affordable usability testing, heat maps, polls, visitor map
  • Experimently – heat maps, A/B testing experiments
  • FiveSecondTest – fine-tune landing pages
  • TryMyUI– watch videos of users using your site
  • FeedbackArmy – $20 website usability testing
  • WhatUsersDo – UK live usability testing
  • Clicktale – watch live clicks and browsing, optimize usability
  • Usabilla – Micro usability tests
  • OptimalWorkshop – tool suite for remote user research
  • Clickheat – heat map of a website (where do users click)
  • Mouseflow – attention heatmaps, mouse tracking and video playback
  • Clixpy – tracks users clicks and browsing
  • Openhallway – lets you remotely record user test scenarios
  • InspectLet – Usability testing/Heat Maps and screen capture

Mobile Usability Testing/Heatmaps/Build Tools

Website A/B and Landing Page Testing

Website/Browser Testing

  • AdobeBrowserLabs – preview web pages across multiple browsers and OS’s
  • Sauce Labs – cross-browser testing in the cloud
  • Browerstack – test websites across all browser w/debugging tools
  • CrossBrowserTesting – pick an OS, pick a browser, pick a website
  • Testling – cross browser testing
  • Browershots – free  browser testing makes screenshots in different os’s and browsers
  • 99Tests – Crowdsourced software testing
  • BetaList – get beta testers online

Website Designers

  • 99 Designs – marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design
  • IconFinder – great way to find free graphic icons on the web
  • FindIcons – 400,000+ icons on the web
  • xScope – measure, align and inspect on-screen graphics and layouts
  • Scoutzle – curated community for the best mobile designers

Website Design Tools

Phone/SMS Cloud Apps

  • Twilio – add mobile and sms to your app
  • Tropo – add voice and sms to your app
  • Callfire – add voice and sms to your app
  • Voxeo – voice recognition and IVR to your app
  • Jajah -telephony api
  • PlumVoice– IVR Systems

Video Analysis Tools

  • Tracker – way cool video analysis tool

Web Application Frameworks

Cloud Services and Tools

NoSQL Databases

Development Tools

  • VirtualBox – x86 Virtualization
  • Twisted – easy to implement custom network applications, event-driven networking engine written in Python
  • Perl Object Environment – Perl framework for reactive systems, cooperative multitasking, and network applications
  • Codeacademy Labs – program in Ruby, Python, and JavaScript online without downloading a code editor or IDE
  • Kodingen – cloud development environment, code editor, hosting service, collaboration platform
  • CircleCi – Continuous integration and deployment tool for web apps
  • yUML – sketch uml diagrams.
  • WebSequenceDiagrams –sketch sequence diagrams. automatic links to generated images
  • Rietveld – asynchronous code reviews on changesets
  • Fluid – turn webapps into Mac OS X apps
  • TextMate – code and markup editor
  • Coda – one-window web development app for the Mac
  • Coderunner – Edit/run code in any programming language with a click
  • SourceLair & SourceLair API cloud coding platform C, Python, Ruby and API
  • WebBiscuits – framework for web apps for smartphones and tablets
  • Best free programming books
  • CodeAcademy – learn to code
  • Webkit – build your own browser

Project Management

  • Github – Free public repositories, collaborator management, issue tracking, wikis, downloads, code review, graphs
  • Mercurial – free, distributed source code control management system
  • Bitbucket – free cloud hosting for Git or Mecurial projects
  • Sourcetree – free mac client for Git, Mercurial and SVN
  • Kanban versus Scrum – description
  • Kanban Tools
  • Scrum Tools
  • Basecamp– web-based project management and collaboration tool
  • Pivotal Tracker – Agile project management tool real time collaboration
  • Trello – team collaboration around “boards”
  • Sprintly – agile collaborate>prioritize>create git integration
  • Podio – collaborative project management
  • Flow – collaborative task and project management
  • Interstate – open project management
  • Apollo – integrated project and contact management
  • Rally – agile product management
  • Blossom – lean product management
  • Trajectory – agile product mgmt, write and discuss user stories, bugs, and to-dos
  • Clarizen – cloud project mgmt tool
  • Webplanner – online collaborative project management application.
  • ChiliProject – web based project management
  • Kiln – Version control and code review
  • Asana – shared task list for your team
  • Producteev – web/mobile task mgmt
  • ProcedureRock – create, procedures, instructions, guides, online help
  • Managewith.us – Collaborative Task Manager
  • ProcessPlan – task mgmt via email
  • Teambox -combines social networking and project management
  • ProjectManager – project planner, time/expense tracking
  • TeamCity – continuous integration/unit testing, code quality analysis, pre-tested commits, report on build problems
  • Milestone Planner – planner for deadline/outcome driven environments
  • 5pm – Online project management tool
  • AgileZen – project management visually see and interact with your work
  • GoPlan – collaborative project management
  • Unfuddle –hosted project management solution for software teams
  • Taskpoint – online project mgmt and collaboration
  • Tabb – online time mgmt and to-do
  • Centroy – online project mgmt
  • Do[Box] – project mgmt, save, resuse and share project models
  • Projify – simplified project management
  • Mavenlink – manage project communications, documents, schedules, budgets, payments
  • NeuLexa – enterprise project mgmt
  • ProcedureRock – operations and procedures mgmt
  • Userlike – live chat software for websites
  • Industrial Logic – Agile eLearning

Bug/Issue Tracking

  • Bugherd – simple issue tracking for web developers
  • Lighthouse – Issue Tracking Tool
  • Sifter – hosted bug and issue tracking
  • Toggle – time tracking tool
  • Jira – Bug, Issue and classic Project tracking tool
  • Fogbugz -bug tracking, project mgmt, customer support
  • Bontq – hosted bug tracking and project management needs
  • Intervals – time tracking and task management
  • Preceden – simple way to make timelines for presentations

Web Server Stress Testing

  • Google Page Speed – test your web page speed
  • Httperf– HP Web Server Performance tool
  • Siege – http load testing and benchmarking utility
  • Jmeter – java-based server load testing
  • Tourbus – ruby website load testing tool

Digital Asset Management


  • Applingua – iOS, OSX and Android app localization
  • Onesky – apps and websites translated
  • ICanLocalize – website and app translation and localization

Billing/Subscription Management/E-Store

  • Square – accept credit cards from ipad/iphone/android
  • Stripe – accept credit cards on the web
  • Balanced – Payments processing, escrow & payouts API
  • BancBox – Payments service platform
  • Chargify – Recurring billing without the headaches
  • Recurly – Subscription billing
  • Paypal – the standard for payment
  • Paypal Payments Pro – accept debt and credit cards on your website
  • Braintree – online credit card merchant processing
  • Aria – online billing platform
  • Gumroad – sell directly to your audience
  • Paymill – accept online payments on the web
  • Shopify – create an online store
  • EStoreApp – a webstore in 5 minutes
  • Vindicia – on demand billing and fraud management
  • Volusion – shopping cart software
  • CheddarGetter – online recurring billing
  • Billfaster – cloud invoicing and accounting
  • Cloudware City – online app store for subscription services
  • Spreedly – sell subscriptions on your site. signup, upgrade, trial pricing
  • Zuora – online subscription management
  • FeeFighters – find the cheapest credit card processors
  • HealPay – Collections made easy
  • WeUseCoins – accept Bitcoins as payment
  • Postmaster – Integrate package shipping, tracking  and notification into your app

Customer Support/Feedback

  • Tender – support, knowledgebase tool for your site
  • GetSatisfaction – conversations between companies / customers
  • Triibe – incentive-based customer service
  • Zendesk – web help software
  • Clickdesk – Help desk, live chat, social toolbar
  • Zopim – real time customer support/live chat
  • HelpScout – simple setup, easy integration, help desk software
  • Desk – from Salesforce, easy and simple; email/social/chat/phone
  • SnapEngage – live chat integrates with your apps
  • Freshdesk – completely unique never seen before web help software
  • Ideaffect – customer feedback, vote, comment, manage
  • Olark – live customer chat and customer loyalty
  • LiveChat – live customer chat, archives of conversations
  • Assistly – Support customers by Web, email, chat, and social networks
  • Vision Helpdesk – Support for multiple companies from one place
  • OneDesk – ideation to delivery and support issues, tickets, tasks
  • HappyFox – collate, categorize and respond to all requests
  • CustomerSure –  online customer service, feedback into retention
  • HelpSpot – Helpdesk software
  • Webengage – website survey, feedback and notification tool
  • SupportBee – help customers via email, robust ticketing

Testimonials/Social Reviews

  • Testimonial Monkey –  integrate customer feedback into your site
  • PostKudos – collect customer testimonials
  • Yotpo – social reviews for eCommerce
  • Kayako – Help desk
  • UserVoice – turn customer feedback into action
  • Kampyle – turn customer feedback into sales and relationships

Recruiting Tools

Misc Office Help

Outsourcing/Freelance Help

Chip/Hardware Resources/Tools

3D Printers and 3D Printing Services



Custom Machine Parts/Industrial Supplies

Manufacturing Resources

Medical Device Resources


Market Research Tools

Private “pay for market research” firms


U.S. State/Federal Open Data

Other Governments Open Data


Open Company Data/Stats/API

Public or University library Resources:

Market Research Resources Online


Starting and Running a Startup Advice

Entrepreneurship Reading List

Entrepreneurship Online

Coworking Spaces

Angel/SuperAngel Investors


Incubator List/ Startup Jobs

Advice on Raising Startup Capital

Cap Tables / Valuation

Education Financing


Venture Capital Financing

Boilerplate Venture Funding Documents

Intellectual Property Advice

Best Startup Advice

Founder Equity Issues

Executive / Advisory Board Compensation

Public Relations (PR) For Tech Companies

Finance 101 for Entrepreneurs

Web/Mobile Revenue Models

Commission Fees

Product Pricing 101 for Entrepreneurs


Corporate Innovation Programs

List of Investment Platforms

China – Doing Business

China Blogs

Must Read Blogs

More to read

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